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Cross border traders happy with no visa between Zambia, Angola 

THE Cross Border Traders Association (CBTA) says the no visa policy that Zambia and Angola are implementing will enhance trade between the two countries.

 consider allow Zambian manufacturers to markets in that country.

CBTA General Secretary Jacob Makambwe in an interview with Millennium TV said Government should also consider implementing the policy with other neighbouring countries such as Mozambique among others for cross border trade to yield results for Zambia.

Mr. Makambwe said there is a lot of markets on the African continent that Zambian traders can tap into but restrictions are a setback.

He said there is need for all African countries to support the agenda of removing restrictions on the movement of goods and services to allow traders in Africa explore their potential.

Mr. Makambwe said Zambian traders have the potential to contribute heavily to economic development if they tap into continental markets freely.


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