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Don’t abuse chloroquine, warns MQHZ

ZAMBIANS have been advised not to abuse Chloroquine in the false belief that it’s a preventive medication against the Coronavirus because it is not only dangerous but also can lead to death, Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) Director General Quince Mwabu has warned.
Dr Mwabu said the public should not be misled by people spreading myths about chloroquine being able to prevent or treat coronavirus in humans.
He said if it was true that chloroquine can cure coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) was going to advise governments to start using it to treat the virus.
“IF indeed chloroquine had the capacity to suppress coronavirus as others are made to believe, the World Health Organisation would have already ordered for its mass production and distribution to corners of the earth,” he said.
Dr Mwabu also said chloroquine can only be used to treat diseases caused by parasites and wondered how others were suggesting that it can be used to a cure viral disease like the coronavirus.
“How can chloroquine be promoted as a one size fits all cure or mitigation drug when it’s a known fact that it cannot suppress a virus,” he said.
He said Nigeria had already issued a warning over chloroquine after some people overdosed on the drug after the US President Trump’s comments about using it to treat coronavirus.
Dr Mwabu said for now, the only known preventive treatment for coronavirus was for the public to continue adhering to guidelines provided by Government through the Ministry of Health.


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