THE challenge of floods in Kamwala ward five especially Kamwala South is giving residents sleepless nights, ward councillor Moses Bwalya has said.

Mr Bwalya said that the Bombay drainage was helping to control floods but due to lack of primary drainages in the township the floods had remained a challenge.

He said that with the help of a performance contractor, Lusaka City Council had managed to open an area which was always flooded during the rainy season.

“We don’t have primary drains inside the township. The American government through Millennium Challenge gave us Bombay drainage which is helping us a lot in the ward. However, we need primary drains and this is our responsibility as a council to make them.

“Come rains we always experience floods which makes us councilors dread this period of the year. However, with the opening of the drainage, floods will be the thing of the past on this portion of the ward. Mr Bwalya urged residents in areas still experiencing floods to be patient as the council was working on the plan to resolve the problem.

He said that the fire bridge unit of the Lusaka City Council would in the meantime drain the floods using the fire tenders.


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