RESIDENTS must immediately stop mounting illegal road blocks and searching vehicles in the night, Luano District Commissioner (DC) Christopher Chibuye has warned.

Mr Chibuye said the act was against the law and dangerous for community.

He sounded warning when he addressed a community meeting in Luano in the wake of villagers searching for gassing suspects.

The DC advised that people should instead work together with Government and the police by providing information on suspected gassers.

Mr Chibuye regretted that the trend searching Government and private vehicles and demanding money on pretext of protecting the community was uncalled for and illegal.

He said people should not take the law in their hands but leave prosecution of criminal suspects to law enforcement agencies.

Mr Chibuye advised residents to effect citizenry arrest without harming the suspects and later hand them over to the police.

“Let’s not take the law in our own hands. Let’s not kill the suspect because if we kill the suspect, we kill everything,” he said.

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