Lstone PF youths venture into goat-rearing

ABOUT 70 Patriotic Front (PF) youths of Kariba ward in Livingstone have formed a club that will spearhead a goat-rearing project aimed at empowering young people.

Kariba Ward councillor, Robert Chileshe, urged the group members to be focused as they embark on the project.
Mr Chileshe said that it was only after the Government noticed their efforts that it would render support.
He was speaking during the launch of the project at the weekend.
Mr Chileshe said young people should be united as division among them would not be ideal for the development of their enterprise.

“This is a good start for youths in my ward and this project once it becomes successful, will attract Government and donor support,” he said.

Mr Chileshe said the youth in his ward should not be negligent but remain responsible because there were many ventures that were available to uplift their welfare.
And ZADAC Goat Project director Bafana Moyo said PF youths must engage in productive activities that would help them generate income in the goat value chain.

Mr Moyo said the goat value chain provided a lot of opportunities which the youth could explore.
“For a person to be a PF youth it does not mean that a person should engage in fights as a way of showing strength, this strength can be redirected to doing projects that are able to generate income for the youth,” he said.
Group representative, Lloyd Bwalya, said time has come for the youth in the Kariba ward to be productive.
He called on the youth to encourage other young person in the ward to join the goat rearing project.


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