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Kamba ticks off ‘finished’ Kalala

FORMER presidential special assistant for project monitor- ing and implementation, Jack Kalala is a frustrated and bit- ter person who has nothing to offer to the country’s devel- opment, Lusaka PF provincial Secretary, Kennedy Kamba has charged.

He said the continued dis- paraging utterances against the PF Government by Mr Kalala were unfair and dis- appointing especially that the party and it’s Government was on the right track in ensuring the development was deliv- ered to the people of Zamba.

“Mr Kalala utterances are aimed at painting President Edgar Lungu and Govern- ment as uncaring and not capable of resolving the coun- try’s problems which is very disappointing especially that Government is doing every- thing to ensure that develop- ment is achieved for the ben- efit of all Zambians,” he said.

He said Mr Kalala was a frustrated soul who has blinded himself to reality and now being used by desperate opposition politicians who wanted to get to State House by whatever means.

Mr Kamba said the levels of bitterness being exhibited by Kalala was a danger to the country especially that it was coming from a person who served at State House and knew the etiquette of gover- nance.

He said Kalala should learn to respect the presidency, as it was the highest office in the land.

“As a party, we demand for some respect from Mr Kalala as he enjoys his fundamental freedoms of expression and association but he has no right to abuse such freedoms to in- sult the Head of State and the entire government,” he said.

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