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THE Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) will no longer consider applications for “No Objection” to use the direct bidding method of procurement.

ZPPA Director General, Idah Chella, has therefore advised all procuring entities that procurement of goods, works and services using the direct bidding or direct selection methods of procurement, should be in line with the law.

Ms Chella said this in a circular addressed to all Permanent Secretaries and Controlling Officers, Chief Executives of parastatals, all Town Clerks and Council Secretaries of local authorities.

“Where approval has to be granted by the Procurement Committee, the procuring entity will consider requests to use the direct bidding procurement method through a Procurement Committee meeting and not through circulation,” she said.

Ms Chella said ZPPA would use direct bidding and that selection would be granted by the respective approval’s authorities, namely controlling officers and Procurement Committees. 

She indicated that certain steps needed have to be followed by procuring entities when undertaking procurements using the direct bidding method of procurement

According to Mr Chella, some of these steps included identification of the need for procurement with confirmation of funding and documentation of the same.

Others are presentation of the case to the Approvals Authority with justified floatation period for approval of commencement.

Ms Chella urged procuring entities to continue submitting monthly reports to ZPPA on procurements through the direct bidding procurement method by the 15th day of the following month following the reporting month.

“ZPPA will continue considering applications for deviations from public procurement processes, methods and rules and applications for the accreditation of alternative procurement systems in line with sections 6(2) (e), 79 and 80 of the PPA.

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