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Lusaka Chamber counsels firms on COVID-19 kits pricing

BUSINESS owners should not take advantage of corona virus outbreak and deploy strategies that put more strain on Zambians, Lusaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive officer Humphrey Chishala has said.
Mr Chishala said there was already an increase in the prices of hand sanitizers, face masks and other protective items.
He said in a statement that businesses should not exploit the Zambian people but help save lives.
“It is in this light that business owners should not take advantage of the situation and deploy strategies that put more strain on the people of Zambia,” Mr Chishala said.
Mr Chishala encouraged businesses and communities to make fact-based decisions and stay informed on COVID19.
He said response to COVID-19 required rapid decision-making and communication on the issues stressing business, people and communities.
Mr Chishala said now more than ever, visible corporate generosity would ease discomfort and engender loyalty for the long-term.
He said it was prudent that all businesses were prepared to deal with the situation equipped with facts.
“While there is still much to learn about this virus, the Government has and will put in place measures to sensitize the people of Zambia with resources that businesses and families can turn to when looking for more information on the virus,” Mr Chishala said.
Mr Chishala said the travel, hospitality, healthcare, insurance, retail and service industries had been hit hard following the corona virus outbreak and that the Chamber would be there to support them and others.


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