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Residents protest turning of Victoria Hospital into Covid-19 Isolation Centre

LUSAKAS Long Acres residents have protested the turning of Old Victoria Hospital into a coronavirus treatment isolation Centre for fear of contracting the virus because it is near the houses.
The residents said they were not safe with the Centre being next door.
The Association of Indian Citizens in Zambia donated the hospital to be used for quarantining Corona virus patients.
And Government has commended Victoria Hospital management for offering the facility as contribution to the concerted efforts aimed curbing the epidemic.
University Teaching Hospital Director Alex Makupe thanked Victoria Hospital management for the gesture which he said was going to help in addressing the corona challenge.
Victoria Hospital administrator Janesh Naik handed over the facility which will have nine bed spaces to government as a gesture to supplement government’s efforts in combating the epidemic.
Mr Naik said the hospital would also provide a ventilator and a medical specialist to effectively operate it.
He said the coronavirus affects everyone and hoped that the donation was going to help government in addressing the epidemic.
Meanwhile, the association has also made a donation of 20,000 coronavirus test kits towards the fight against coronavirus in the country.
The state of art test kits has capacity to test and detect the virus under 35 minutes.
Association of Indian Community in Zambia chairman Zubair Tasu who made the donation on behalf of the association encouraged everyone to work together and follow all the health guidelines if the pandemic was to be addressed successfully.


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