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Social distancing: not in road tax queues

ONE of the health guidelines to contain the spread of Corona virus pandemic is social distancing, but this is not the case in some institutions in Kitwe.
At Zampost in Kitwe, there was a long queue with people close together trying to pay for their motor vehicle road tax and insurance at main post office building. This is in direct contravention of the Government guidelines to maintain a distance of 1-2 metres between individuals everywhere in places like banks, pharmacies, supermarkets including post offices.
A motorist, Hillary Mulenga, explained that he had been in the queue for close to an hour and that he could not give up because he just had to pay so that he could get his road tax as well as insurance.
“We know about social distancing to avoid spreading or contracting the Corona Virus but there is nothing we can do. But at the same time, we have to make sure that we pay our road tax and insurance and I cannot avoid the queue,” he said. Another person in the queue, Jeff Mumba, observed that many people did not understand the meaning of social distancing and kept squeezing themselves where they could find some space, a situation he said was worrying.


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