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Spare us from lockdown, says Chisokone traders

TRADERS at Chisokone market in Kitwe have rejected proposals of a lockdown due to corona virus, but promised to adhere to the preventive measures.
The marketeers told Kitwe District Commissioner Chileshe Bweupe, that they would put up basins and sanitisers on their shops and stands.
Ms Irene Mwila, said the lockdown could negatively affect them and pledged to adhere to the preventive measures as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.
“No, closing the market can adversely affect us because this is the source of income. So what we can do is to adhere to what the Ministry of Health has told us regarding the corona virus,” Ms Mwila said.
Ms Deophister Mutale echoed the sentiments, stating that their families would starve if there was a lockdown at the sprawling market.
She said there was no other source of income for them and that a number of marketeers were widows looking after orphans.
Mr Mike Kamfwa said while marketers acknowledged the devastating effects of corona virus, theye still believed that they would be able to observe the health rules and avoid contracting the disease.
And Mr Bweupe, who was accompanied by health authorities, market associations and other stakeholders, said he was impressed that most marketeers were adhering to the Ministry of Health guideline.
Mr Bweupe said the COVID-19 was a serious disease which could lead to the closure of the market if people were not observing healh rules.
He urged the marketeers to get united and ensure that they adhered to the preventive measures
“I thought I should tour Chisokone market and see how you are adhering to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health. I am happy that you are putting up measures to prevent the disease,” Mr Bweupe said.
And Kitwe district principal health officer, Christopher Gondwe said it was pleasing that marketeers were aware of the
disease and were putting up preventive measures as stipulated by the Ministry of Health
He said the media, local authority and other stakeholders should join efforts to ensure that everything possible was done to stop any spread of COVID-19.
“This is good, but we should continue to keep the information flowing regarding this disease because information is vital,” Mr Gondwe added.

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