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Dear Editor,

LET us not support anything as long as it comes from the President.  There is never a country on this world that gives space to a necessary evil. Ministries and other goverment portfolios are there for bare necessities or rather basic needs, hence Health, Education, Water etc and that is on the positive side. 

Diseases are necessary evil and not basic needs, and hence you cannot reserve a certain position for them, that’s like acknowledging its powers.  It’s like in a Mass, in as much as we know the existence of devil’s, demons, satanic forces, they are not to be given a period to talk about them more than the owner of heavens and earth.

The moment that is done, then you are elevating them. 

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The same case Covid-19, it’s a necessary evil, so many lives have been lost, and we cannot say it’s rather a blessing that other people can’t be employed because of it. 

We have Ministry of Health, and maybe finding other means through them in the fighting of the pandemic.  There is no way on which that position can be justified, it’s a missed call.

Otherwise, we are going to have advisors to necessary evil i.e. HIV, malaria, earth quakes etc.


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