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THE UPND wants to win the 2021 elections at all costs so that it could hand back mines to their international allies, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa has charged.

Mr Musukwa said the opposition UPND has no interests of serving the interests of the people, but merely wants to ascend to power and then later pursue their own selfish interests and those of their business partners.

He was reacting to UPND demands that KCM should be handed back to Vedanta.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, the Minister said it was clear that the opposition leadership does not mean well for the Zambians because it has always been critical of Government measures aimed at safeguarding the jobs of miners.

Mr Musukwa, who is PF National Chairperson for Mobilisation, said the UPND has been criticising Government for repossessing Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) from Vedanta Resources PLC despite knowing that the Indian investor had failed to run the mine.

“So now, if the opposition UPND wants Vedanta Resources to come back, then who are they supporting? Anyway, we know that most of those who want Vedanta Resources to come back are people who used to get contracts from the Indian investor.

“This means that the leaders of this opposition UPND are selfish individuals who want to benefit for themselves regardless of what the investor is doing to the ordinary Zambians, ” Mr Musukwa said.

He charged that said the UPND has no plan for economic recovery, but the interest is to form Government and engage in various vices that would benefit a clique of individuals with no interests to develop the country.

Mr Musukwa, who is Chililabombwe MP, said the country was facing various economic challenges due to the various factors like the Covid-19 outbreak.

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