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Delinquent juvenile gets counselling

Delinquent juvenile gets counselling


A JUVENILE who stole his mother’s phone has begged the court for leniency not to take him to Katombora remand prisons as he is a changed person and has learnt a lesson. 

A sixteen year old Juvenile said he will never repeat what he did and that he will never smoke again because staying in prison is not nice.

This is a matter in which a Juvenile offender of Chainda compound was charged with theft contrary to section 272 and 278 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Facts are that on December 3, 2021 in Lusaka did steal one cell phone valued at K1, 200 property of  his mother.

The  Juvenile’s mother who is a complaint in this matter begged the court to help her make her son change as the court was her last resort.

The mother said  she was tired of her son because she has tried taking him to Chainama and other help centers but he runs away.

‘’I stand here in grief, this is my last resort, my son standing here has made me stop thinking because we have tried taking him to help centers and Chainama but he runs away. Help me put him in a confined place where he can learn and change because he smokes too,’’ she said.

The Juvenile pleaded with the court not to take him to remand as he was a changed person and will never repeat what he did.

Magistrate Felix Kaoma said the juvenile needs to change and if he repeats what he did he will be taken to prison. Therefore he ordered that he undergoes counseling with the help of Up Zambia.

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