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ACC must act on real corrupt private companies or be dissolved

ACC must act on real corrupt private companies or be dissolved

Dear Editor,

IT has been eight months since I reported and presented evidence of corruption by a tyre leading supplier of Lusaka but THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has not acted on the report yet.

One can argue to say maybe the evidence was not sufficient, that was not the case. Any serious investigator worthy his sort cannot ignore such firsthand information I presented to the ACC. 

Two possible reasons why they did not act, one it was because the report did not involve politicians then two, it could be the issue of them feathering their nests by obtaining money from the reported company for them to bury the case because the directors of this firm are hardcore perpetrators of corruption using top Zambian managers at his company. 

Bribery is the anchor of all their decisions, this same company has contributed to the corruption taking place at Emmasdale police. They pay every government official who they want to use. 

I agree with Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu that the ACC, together with some Emmasdale as well as Central police investigators are terribly corrupt.

In fact, if the ACC will not summon the directors and the finance manager of this tyre supplier, I will have no option but petition the minister of Home Affairs as well as the President to look at the information I have. 

It’s not affair to be just embarrassing politicians to create a perception like they are the only ones corrupt yet some private companies are reaping the fruits of corruption big time.

If they don’t act on real private/public corruption, they should be dissolved. Arrest the directors and Finance Manager of this tyre dealer or I’ll buy air space at all radio and TV stations and share this information with the public. 

Let the corrupt pay for their deeds. The information I have can easily secure the ACC a straight win in the courts of law. I hope the heads of the ACC and the police will take this write up seriously and compel the officers to act. 

Note that one legal counsel of the ACC is a business partner to a close friend of the sales and marketing manager of the same tyre dealer, I am sure he is the reason why no action was taken. 

I stand ready to produce evidence and explain the information to the officers how this company is doing it. I will be waiting for your summons. 

I won’t rest, this case will be my contribution to the fight against private public corruption. Game on.



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