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Bembas in uproar

... outraged people mobilizing funds to support Chitimukulu's legal battle

OUTRAGED Bembas have started mobilizing for funds to support Chitimukulu’s legal battle against people defaming him following his decision to urge Bemba speaking people to vote en mass for the right person.
Former UPND presidential advisor Edward Mumbi has pledged a K10,000 towards the legal process against Mr Mwale.
“I will support Paramount Chief Chitimukulu with K10, 000 towards the legal process against Joe Mwale,” Mr Mumbi said.
Mr Mumbi said it was ridiculous for Mr Mwale to continue issuing false statements just to please his pay masters.
It is very sad for Mr Mwale and whoever is using him, off course not forgetting that he is a senior UPND official and the dossier he is talking about is obviously a fake document generated by them,” he said.
This initiative follows continued attacks on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu by the United Party for National Development (UPND) and its surrogates which has angered Bembas from different walks of life.
The Bembas feel that it is very disrespectful and undermining to the entire clan to drag the paramount chief in petty and partisan issues.
This follows claims by a senior citizen and UPND sympathizer, Joe Mwale that he had a dossier on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and information on his alleged dealings with international friends which he would expose when ready.
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has threatened to sue Mr Mwale.
And PF acting Northern Province Youth Secretary, Chanda Nsofu said attacks on the Paramount Chief were nonsensical, disrespectful and a show of desperation by the UPND.
Mr Nsofu has advised Zambians to ignore UPND and its surrogate’s propaganda against Chitimukulu and the Bemba people.
He said attacks on the Paramount Chief were unjustifiable and should immediately come to an end.
Mr Nsofu said the attacks were all schemes by the opposition UPND to divide the Bembas to secure victory in the 2021 elections.
“The divide and rule strategy by the UPND will not succeed because Zambia know who they are and detest tribalism that is orchestrated by UPND and its surrogates,” he said.
Meanwhile, chief Luchembe of Mpika said Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has taken the right path to take a legal action against Mr Mwale for defamation.
Chief Luchembe said Mr Mwale cannot go scot free for defaming a respected traditional leader in the country.
He said the UPND official had demeaned the Paramount for a long time and he needed to face the wrath of the law.
“I talked to the Paramount chief over this matter and he told me that he will take that path and we support his decision,” Chief Luchembe said.


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