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Careless Kalulushi residents challenged

KALULUSHI residents have been challenged to take preventive measures against the COVID-19 seriously.
Authorities have observed that people in the satellite town of the Copperbelt were not observing health guidelines as outlined by the Government.
District Commissioner Kenny Siachisumo, said he had noted with concern that many people in the district did not take the matter seriously and continued living carelessly.
The DC was speaking in an interview at the weekend.
Mr Siachisumo complained that the residents did not respect social distancing and unnecessary travelling among other preventive measures, a situation he said was worrying.
He further said that his office had been meeting with the business community to see if the marketeers could be asked to be alternating trade so that the markets could be decongested.
He said that it was a huge challenge to ensure that everyone was complying with the guidelines as most of the residents were aware of what they needed to do but chose to disregard everything.
“We have come up with a team of youths that are currently going round the district, sensitizing residents especially in high density areas.
We also through ZANIS announce to them on the importance of prevention,” he said.
Mr Siachisumo also called on the residents to avoid unnecessary travelling which he said was high in the district.
He asked those that were not working to stay home so that they could protect themselves as well as others.


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