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Chief joins calls to rename Copperbelt airport after Chiluba

A CHIEF from eastern province has joined calls to rename the Copperbelt International Airport under construction after former president Dr Frederick Chiluba, in honour of his contribution to the development of Zambia.
Chief Mulilo of Chama district has asked government to honour former republican President Fredrick Chiluba by renaming the Copperbelt International Airport under construction in his name.
The traditional leader said Dr Chiluba should be honored for introducing multiparty Democracy and ensuring that Zambia became a Christian nation among many wonderful things he had done for the country.
Chief Mulilo said Dr Chiluba, who started politics from the Copperbelt should also be honored for liberalizing the country’s economy resulting in wealth creation among citizens.
The Traditional leader said naming the airport would uphold Dr Chiluba’s legacy of declaring Zambia a Christian nation.
“I support calls by some sections of society to have the new Copperbelt International airport named after for President FTJ Chiluba as a way of honoring him for what he did for this country,” Chief Mulilo said.
Chief Mulilo said it was important to honor those that have contributed to the wellbeing of the country by naming some public facilities after them.
“As a country it is important to have important public facilities named after our leaders, living or late as a way of preserving their legacy,” Chief Mulilo said.
Chief Mulilo said former President Fredrick Chiluba started his union politics on the Copperbelt hence the need to name the Copperbelt international airport after him.
He said the former head of State should be honored for the multiparty Democracy, freedom of expression that country was enjoying.

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