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Two quarantined in Chipata

TWO people in Chipata have been quarantined for suspected Coronavirus infection after being in contact with the people who recently travelled to Pakistan.
Eastern province Minister, Makebi Zulu, said the two have a history of being in contact with people who had recently travelled to Pakistan and tested positive to Coronavirus.
He said the two had been quarantined in Chipata while waiting for laboratory results on the tests conducted on them.
The Minister was speaking in an interview after attending a meeting between Eastern province bus operators and Chipata City Council (CCC).
Mr Zulu said the two people showed signs of corona virus and were henceforth quarantined.
“We are waiting for the laboratory results to come through,” he added.
Mr Zulu said for now the Ministry of Health was closely monitoring the two quarantined persons.
He said all the people travelling to Eastern province from Lusaka were being subjected to Coronavirus screening at Kacholola.
Mr Zulu said people travelling to Eastern Province from Lusaka were expected to cooperate with health personnel conducting the screening regardless of their status in society.
Mr Zulu said those who would show signs of having Coronavirus would be quarantined in Nyimba or Kalindawalo hospital in Petauke district.
He said screening was being conducted in all entry points of eastern Province including at Mwami, Lusutha and Chaninda border areas.
Meanwhile, Mr Zulu has ordered Chipata City Council to close down all illegal bus stations operating in Chipata.
The directive followed a complaint by bus operators at Kapata Intercity Bus station that the local authority was collecting revenue from illegal bus stations.
Mr Zulu said it was important that all bus operators conducted their businesses from Kapata Bus station where there were proper sanitary facilities. – ZANIS.

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