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Chief Mukumbi salutes State

A traditional leader in Kalumbila district in elated that Government has embarked on food distribution to the people who were affected by natural disasters, such as floods.
Senior chief Mukumbi said the distribution of relief food to the affected families would avert hunger in the area.
The traditional leader said that the distribution of the relief food was a demonstration that Government cared for the needy in society.
“I am very happy to see that Government has decided to come to aid of the people that have been affected with natural disasters such floods with relief food,” he said.
The food distribution, he said, had come at the time when many people needed food especially in far places like Kalengelenge, Lubinga and Mangala.
He said that this year’s heavy rainfall had left many people homeless after their houses collapsed while their maize as well as cassava fields were flooded.
The traditional leader reaffirmed his commitment to work with the Government of the day to enhance development in the chiefdom and the nation at large.
He said this when Kalumbila District Commissioner Robison Kalota flagged off the distribution of relief food in the district at the weekend.
And Mr Kalota said it was Government’s duty to look at the plight of the vulnerable people in society and attending to their needs.
“And that is why government is making that people affected by natural disasters are helped,” he said.


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