Covid-19 hits OYDC finances

OYDC Zambia Sports Development Centre will lose 65 percent of its monthly income due to the coronavirus pandemic but director Frederick Chitangala says it was better to stay hungry for a few weeks than to lose a life.
OYDC, which is a multi-purpose facility provides sport and community development opportunities for young people and under-served segments of the population from the surrounding communities indefinitely suspended sport and non-sport activities on March 17, 2020.
In its bid to protect the lives of athletes and that of the communities around it, the facility sacrificed 65 percent of undisclosed income which helps to run effectively.
Speaking in an interview, Chitangala said the closure will have an adverse effect on their income.
“Almost all the industries are effected and sport is not the odd one out. And what makes it even more dramatic is the fact that we (OYDC) make our own money, we don’t depend on the donors. So we make 60 to 65 percent of our budget through the centre,” Chitangala said.
“This means if we are not running these activities, we will not have access to that, for as many months as we are closed we will lose 60 to 65 monthly income,” he said.
He however said the centre was glad to contribute to the corporate effort in fighting the disease.
Chitangala said continuing with the activities would have put thousands of patrons at risk of the virus.
“For us it’s not a complaint we glad to contribute to the corporate effort that government is advocating to ensure this virus does not spread any further,”
“As OYDC we are very strategic in prevention of the transmission of the virus because we handle thousands of patrons mostly who come to play games which has no respect for social distance. We would rather remain hungry for a few weeks than die from the virus,” Chitangala said.
Meanwhile, the Netball Association of Zambia (NAZ) has advised coaches to devise a individual training programme for players to ensure they remain in shape.
“I encourage all coaches to develop individual training programmes for their players, so as to maintain their fitness. Players are encouraged to adhere to the set programmes. You are also encouraged to post your individual workouts on this platform (NAZ Facebook page),” said NAZ general secretary Pritchard Ngoma.


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