FAZ nods EGM

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has agreed to have an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) and has notified FIFA who will be present at the meeting aimed at resolving the wrangles in football, says National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) chairperson Patrick Mutimushi.
Mutimushi said all warring parties have agreed to iron out their differences at the meeting to be held after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.
He said that FAZ had on Thursday written to his office reiterating its earlier position as agreed during the consultative meeting to call for an emergency meeting.
“What we did as a council was that we did call for a consultative meeting first with FAZ, then with other stakeholders and later called for a meeting with both parties. From the meeting it was agreed that they call for a council meeting and most of them agreed to drop the court cases and wait for the council meeting,” Mutimushi said.
“FAZ wrote to me basically saying yes what was agreed will happen and that FIFA had also agreed that they will come and be present at the meeting,” he said.
He believes an EGM is the best win-win solution to ending the wrangles in Zambian football.
Mutimushi said the Sports Council would uphold the constitution of the association in helping solve the wrangles that had rocked football administration in Zambia.
Mutimushi was speaking when he featured on ZNBC’s sport on programme yesterday and that the Sports Council respected constitutions of all member associations
And FAZ have applauded the Sports Council for calling for a round table meeting to resolve differences.
FAZ communications manager Sydney Mungala said that football was about rules and that like the Sports Council had said, the constitution of FAZ needed to be respected and adhered to.
Mungala said the association was confident that football would remain the winner at the end of the day.


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