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Fraudsters target bank

…bank database fraud scam unearthed

Fraudsters claiming to be calling from the ZANACO call centre, demanding for client banking details, are involved in an elaborate scheme to steal money from customers.
The fraudsters, who sound Ugandan by accent are calling ZANACO account holders requesting for their personal credentials on the pretext that the bank is migrating from four digit sto five PIN numbers to enhance security.
But Zanaco Head for Marketing and Communications Mutinta Musokotwane – Chikopela warned account holders against falling victim to fraudulent schemes by some crooks who had gone on rampage to defraud unsuspecting people.
She said the bank was not carrying out any changes to its system or migrating to five digit PIN and that following numerous enquiries from its customers, the bank was constantly communicating with account holders to warn them against fraudsters.
“If we do make any changes to our system, that’s not the way we communicate to our customers and we do not ask for customer personal credentials over the internet or phone. Our only official number remains 5000,” she said.
Ms Chikopela said globally, following the outbreak of COVID-19, bank fraud and internet phishing was on the rise and urged Zanaco customers to be on the outlook for fraudsters that were taking advantage of the outbreak to swindle people.
Last week Police in Kenya raided a facility run by a Chinese consortium which has scores of cell phones with Ugandan sim cards, in an elaborate fraud and scaming exercise


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