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GBM rubbishes anti-Lungu claims

A NEWSPAPER and its discredited cohorts and naysayers claiming the emergence of an anti Edgar Lungu campaign in Luapula and Northern provinces should be treated with the contempt it deserves because this was a complete fabrication and concoction designed to paint an imaginary split in the Patriotic Front (PF), vice chairperson for Mobilisation Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.
Mr Mwamba said the PF members in Northern and Luapula provinces were loyal to the Head of State and no one had ill intentions.
“President Lungu is our 2021 choice and there is no anti-Edgar Lungu camps in Northern and Luapula provinces.” He said.
He said in an interview yesterday, the party members in the said provinces were happy with the leadership of President Lungu.
Us the Northerners and Luapula people, Mr Mwamba said, feel that the Head of State is the best candidate for 2021 general elections.
Mr Mwamba who is former United Party for National Development (UPND) vice president for administration, said even the opponents were scared of President Lungu because they would dance to his tune in 2021.
For us come 2021 general elections it’s only President Lungu, he said.
Mr Mwamba said all the provinces where the PF had a command know that President Lungu was marketable.
He said those claiming Mr Lungu was not sellable were misplaced.
“First and foremost those are very misplaced statement from scared people, what I can tell you is that we as Northerners and Luapula we are all united and we all work hand in hand and we feel that the best candidate for us come 2021 is President Lungu.
There are some Provinces where is not sellable and it’s very normal, even President Trump is not sellable in all states in America but is still the President of that country so is President Lungu,” he said.
And Mr Mwamba said there was no anti-Lungu camps which had been formed in the two provinces.
He however said if there was people who think they want to form camps they were wasting their own time.
Mr Mwamba said the only camp which would be allowed in the two provinces was that of President Lungu.
And the Patriotic Front has said attempts to divide members or try to sponsor some nonentities to issue unfounded statements in an attempt to sway the minds of citizens ahead of the 2021 general elections is just a mere exercise in futility,.
And New Congress Patry (NCP) leader, Peter Chanda has said that President Lungu remained the people’s choice for 2021 and misguided souls driving an agenda to mislead the Zambians that the PF was divided will leave to regret and be buried with their frustrations.
Commenting on reports from some sections of the media suggesting that the ruling party was divided, Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba said such claims were foolish and emanating from compromised individuals whose pay master wished for regime change.
Mr. Kamba said the person talking about the PF was not a member and had no moral right or authority to put up such wild claims with not aorta of truth whatsoever.
He said it was obvious that this was all part of continued maneuvers by some media houses and their allies whom he said were trying to use some underhand methods to deceive and mislead the public that the ruling Patriotic Front was cracking and that camps had emerged.
Meanwhile, Mr Chanda said the PF had mainly focused on their development agenda and that driving an agenda to divide the party would not be achievable at the moment.
“It is too late to drive an agenda to disregard the candidature of President Lungu because the Zambian people have spoken,” he said.


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