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K34 nearly lands man in jail

A GENERAL worker who ran away with K34 after he was sent to buy Chibuku beer has been convicted in the Choma magistrates court.
This was in a matter in which Milimo Simunkombwe, 32, was convicted of theft contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offence are that Simunkombwe on February 24 2020 in Choma stole 1 bicycle, a 20 litres container and K34 cash all valued at K720 the property of Remmy Mudenda.
When the accused appeared for plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri on Friday morning, he admitted the charge read to him.
According to Facts stated by Public Prosecutor Pearson Chilumbu, the accused was given the bicycle, container and money by the complainant to go and buy Chibuku beer at Choma Breweries but Simunkombwe did not return.
The accused was only apprehended 5 days later at a market drinking and when asked about the items he failed to give a satisfactory answer.
Court: Have you heard that facts read to you?
Simunkombwe: Yes
Court: Are they true and correct?
Simunkombwe: Yes
Court: Do you wish to add or subtract anything?
Simunkombwe: No.
Court: Upon your own admission of the facts to be true and correct, I hereby find you guilty and convict you accordingly.
Despite pleading guilty and asking for maximum lenience in his mitigation, Magistrate Phiri sentenced Simunkombwe to 6 months imprisonment but suspended the sentence for 12 months.
She further ordered that the accused be put on community service for 30 days and in default he serves 60 days simple imprisonment.


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