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Kariba dam water level up

WATER inflow into the Kariba dam is steadily increasing giving more hope to the continued generation of power at Kariba north bank, the country’s biggest hydroelectricity power station, latest hydrological data has indicated.
According to hydrological date obtained by the Daily Nation, flows at the hydrology stations namely Chavuma, Ngonye, Victoria fall and Nana’s Farm Gauge Station located 33km upstream of Victoria Falls have all recorded significant increase in water flows resulting water levels to rise at Kariba dam in Siavonga.
The flow data shows as follows:
-Chavuma gauge station, water continued increasing from 3,952m3/s 12 days ago to close at 5,825m3/s on April 6 2020, while the flow observed last year on the same date was 695m3/s.
-Nana’s Farm Gauge Station located about 33km upstream of Victoria Falls indicate that the Zambezi River flows was at its peak at 4,149m3/s on March 31 2020 before dropping to 3,913m3/s on April 6 2020. A second peak is expected in the coming weeks.
-Ngonye reached its first peak at 4,374m3/s on 23rd March before dropping to 3,791m3/s on April 6 2020, while last year’s flow on the same date was about three times lower at 1,064m3/s. The second peak is imminent as another wave of flood is expected be reaching the already full Barotse Flood Plains in a few days’ time.
-Victoria Falls, water has continued to increase steadily, peaking at 4,289m3/s on 31st March 31, before dropping to 3,922m3/s on April 6 2020. Last year on the same date, the flow was 863m3/s. The second peak is also expected in coming weeks.
The Kariba Lake is designed to operate between levels 475.50m and 488.50m with 0.70m freeboard for hydropower generation. Yesterday, March 6, the Lake level increased to 478.20m translating to 18.82 percent usable storage from the lowest this year at below 8 percent.


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