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Kitwe in masks SOS for traders

AUTHORITIES in Kitwe are working to mobilise more than 1, 000 face masks to distribute to marketeers at the sprawling Chisokone market
The levels of interaction and overcrowding at the trading location required that traders use facemasks to prevent the spread of corona virus.
Kitwe Chileshe Bweupe, said he was sure that various stakeholders who have come on board would be able to provide the more than 1,000 face masks for the Chisokone marketeers
Mr Bweupe, who has since come up with an action plan with the business sector to fight the spread of Covid-19, said market associations would be tasked to distribute face masks to their members.
He urged marketeers to ensure that they seriously observed guidelines prescribed regarding prevention of the COVID-19.
“Chisokone market is a congested market and I think if we can manage to look for more than 1,000 face masks, then we will go an extra mile in intensifying preventive measures against COVID 19 at Chisokone market,’’ Mr Bweupe said.
The action plan started to bear fruits at the weekend when Grizzly Mining Company donated hand sanitisers worth K140,000.
Apart from the sanitizers, the mining company also donated hypochlorous acid worth K100,000 to go towards the fight against the COVID-19.
Recently, Mr Bweupe and the business sector came up with an action to fight the spread of COVID aimed at raising US$100,000 to go towards the same cause.


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