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Mobile phone thief jailed six months

The Choma Magistrates Court has sentenced another man to 6 months imprisonment for stealing a Phone worth over K1,800 at the Night Club on New Year’s celebration.
Appearing before Magistrate Muyambango Munukayumbwa was Lucky Phiri, 29, of Choma’s Shampande Township who stood charged with theft.
Particulars of the offence are that Phiri on January 1st 2020 stole 1 Stylo K7 phone valued at K1,800 the property of Armstrong Siabone.
When he appeared for plea in the Choma Magistrates Court, Phiri admitted the charge read to him and the court recorded a guilty plea.
According to the facts presented before the Court, the complainant lost his phone during the wee hours of January 1 2020 when he was out celebrating the coming of the New Year.
When he tried to call the phone, it rung but after 10 minutes it went off, prompting him to report the matter to the Police.
On April 17 Phiri was apprehended after the phone was traced down to a Chansa who disclosed that he bought it from the accused at K350.
Court: Have you understood what has been read?
Phiri: Yes
Court: Is it correct or not?
Phiri: It’s correct.
Court: Would you wish to add or subtract anything from what has been read?
Phiri: No
Court: Facts as per record. Upon your admission of the facts to be true and correct, I hereby find you guilty and I convict you accordingly.
Prosecutor: He is a first offender.
Court: What is your mitigation?
Despite Phiri informing the court that he looked after his widowed mother, Magistrate Munukayumbwa sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment with hard labour and hoped that he would be a changed man when he comes out.


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