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Mopani discontinues court case

MOPANI Copper Mines has discontinued a court case where it wanted to challenge Government’s threats to revoke its mining licence.
A few hours after filing a notice of its application to commence judicial review in the Lusaka High Court yesterday, Mopani Copper Mines discontinued the matter without disclosing reasons.
It had sued the Attorney General as the respondent in the matter.
Mopani had wanted to challenge the State for threatening to revoke the mining licence following its decision to place its mines in Nkana and Mufilira on the Copperbelt on care and maintenance due to the alleged effects of the falling coppers prices on the international market and the Covid-19 pandemic.
It was seeking a court order to restrain the government through the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, the Director of Mines and the committee from proceeding to revoke the applicant’s licence in the manner proposed by the mines committee in the default notice.
Mopani wanted a declaration that the decision of the committee to direct Mopani to show cause why the licences should not be cancelled within seven days was illegal and unreasonable.
The mining firm was also seeking a declaration that that the minister misconstrued his duties under the Mines and Minerals development act number 11 of 2015 when he decided to issue prejudicial public comments on a matter that was before him on appeal before rendering a decision in the appeal.


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