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More free masks for Luanshya

DONATED masks must be distributed in a transparent manner so that the community benefit and protect themselves against the ravaging Covid-19, Gourock Zambia Limited Managing Director Sharad Desai has said.
Mr Desai said it was important to distribute the protective clothing to the needy in society because it was now mandatory to wear mask sin public places.
He was speaking yesterday when his company donated 1,000 reusable masks to Luanshya Municipal Council.
Mr Desai also urged the local authority to continue sensitising the public on Covid-19 in different local languages.
“As we donate these masks, we would like to assure the local authority of our continued support towards the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Most important of all, we would like these masks to be well distributed. “Yes, they should be well distributed and the local authority should ensure that members of the community benefit. It is only through members of the community benefiting that we can reduce chances of spreading the disease,” Mr Desai said
And Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda that the masks would be given to Zambia Police, council public health workers and the district health personnel.
The Mayor said coordination of Covid-19 and all donations would be handled through the local authority in the district administration.


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