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Mulungushi Textile ‘face masks’ project on course

Funds are being sourced to buy the materials needed to produce proper face masks at Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe, Central province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Chomba has said.
The Ministry of Defence has engaged the provincial administration to produce 100,000 face masks at a cost of K650 000 in a period of three months.
Mr Chomba said yesterday in an interview that the provincial administration working with the Ministry of Defence, had started the process of sourcing for funds to procure the materials.
The Permanent Secretary said once the funds were made available, the materials materials would be procured locally to commence operations.
He stated that the project dubbed “COVID-19 Face Masks” would only last for three months and employ about 20 to 50 local people.
“The machinery we have, we have got the human resource here, what we don’t have is just the material. So we are sourcing for the money so that we begin production as soon as possible,” Mr Chomba said.


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