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Ndola records 95 p.c. compliance

NDOLA has recorded 95 percent compliance regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) preventive measures, says Ndola District Commissioner, Antony Katongo.
Mr Katongo said State and Ndola City Council Police were monitoring the compliance in bars, restaurants, night clubs, gymnasiums and casinos and that almost all of them were closed.
A few restaurants were offering take-away services.
In an interview, Mr Katongo however indicated that there were a few incidences where people were hiding in bars against the Presidential directive.
He said the State and Ndola City Council police walked in and confiscated the alcohol from those premises and by yesterday all bars were shut.
Mr Katongo indicated that some churches on Sunday attempted to conduct services but were stopped.
He appealed to all businesses and residents to comply with the directive in order to completely control and curb the pandemic.
Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager, Tilyenji Mwanza, said the city had closed down 30 bars and 30 people were currently in police custody.
And Copperbelt Minister, Japhen Mwakalombe, said in a separate interview that it was the responsibility of Government to protect the public.
Mr Mwakalombe despite a number of bars, gymnasiums, casinos and night clubs being closed, it was discovered that some bar owners were defying the directive.
He said Government did not take pleasure in confiscating the merchandise from business owners as it wanted them to take part in the promotion of social economic development.


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