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Nkana, Kwacha in health boost

NKANA and Kwacha constituencies have received a shot in the arm after their respective Members of Parliament (MPs) Alexander Chiteme and Joe Malanji spearheaded and funded clinics with maternity wings.
In Mindolo and surrounding areas, residents would access medical services from the newly-refurbished maternity ward at Mindolo one clinic, which was was handed over at the weekend.
Mr Chiteme, who spear-headed the community initiative in Mindolo, said he had spent more than K300,000 on the project.
Mr Chiteme said the newly-refurbished maternity ward has a space of 20 beds and expecting mothers will no longer travel to Kitwe Teaching Hospital (KTH) to seek maternity services
He said the maternity ward, which was initially started as Constituency Development Fund (CDF) project, was later completed using his personal resources amounting to K320,000.
“The most important thing is that, with the opening of this maternity ward, expecting mothers will no longer travel to Kitwe Teaching Hospital to seek maternity services,” Mr Chiteme said
He said he also bought beds, curtains, connected electricity and water to ensure effective operation of the ward
At Miseshi Mindolo clinic, Mr Chiteme donated face-masks, surgical gloves, mechanical personal scales and other items to be used at the clinic
And speaking earlier at Mindolo one clinic, Copperbelt Principal Infrastructure officer Joachim Longwe said the construction of the maternity ward had been going on for a long time until the MP decided to complete the building so that it could be operational
In Kwacha constituency, Mr Malanji said he will spend US$210,000 on the construction of a maternity wing at Bulangililo clinic in order to reduce walking distance to KTH for maternity cases.
Mr Malanji, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, said the construction of a maternity wing and the existing clinic infrastructure would operate on a 24-hour basis as a mini hospital.
The MP was speaking on Saturday when he inspected the construction works at the clinic. “In Kwacha East, Bulangililo, Ipusukilo and Nkana East, the health services go to sleep after 17.00 hours, and so we would like to put up a maternity wing here at Bulangililo clinic.
“Once this maternity wing is completed, together with the existing clinic infrastructure, it would operate for 24 hours as a fully-fledged mini hospital. The total cost of this maternity wing is US$210,000,” Mr Malanji said
He said his desire was to improve health and education infrastructure in the constituency so that they were capable of delivering quality services to the increasing population
He said the construction of a maternity wing and the upgrading of various primary schools into secondary schools was a clear indication of his desire to improve health and education standards Mr Malanji was also working hard to alleviate poverty in communities through revolving funds for marketeers in Ipusukilo , Kwacha , Bulangililo and other parts of the constituency.


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