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No sex proof in Flash boss case

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has heard that a doctor did not have findings to conclude that there was sexual intercourse between a Capital Buses operations manager and the young man he has been accused of sodomising.
This is according to a medical report signed by a Dr, N Francis of the University Teaching Hospital and produced in cross examination by lawyers representing Arnold Zulu, 53, in a case he has been accused of having sex with 21-year-old Adrian Mazuba against the order of nature.
In his evidence-in-chief yesterday, Mazuba said he knew Zulu in April last year after his grandfather George Phiri was hit by a Flash bus on Great North Road near the Olympic Youth Development Centre.
He said on August 22, 2019 Zulu phoned him that he needed to sign documents for a permanent job he was about to give him.
Mazuba said when he reached Zulu’s house in Millennium Bus station the accused person welcomed and offered him beer as they waited for the person who had the employment documents.
“He brought beer in a glass cup but I refused and told him that I did not drink beer. He insisted that I should drink because I am a man and that since he had employed me he was my new boss and that I should do as he said.
“I drunk the beer and within a short time I felt dizzy. He grabbed me and pushed me on his bed and I just felt his manhood penetrating my anus. I resisted but he was holding me and I couldn’t defend myself. I had no option but to shout for help because there were vendors just outside his house,” Mazuba said.
He said after he was apprehended together with Zulu, the latter offered to pay him K10,000 and told him not to tell the police anything.
And a police officer Vivian Akatama said Zulu offered to give her K30,000 if she did not apprehend him.
Ms. Akatama, 34, of Millennium Bus station police post, said this was after she found Zulu naked in his house and Mazuba who was equally naked and lying on Zulu’s bed in the latter’s one roomed house just behind the police post.
But according to the medical report shown to the two witnesses by a defence lawyer, the doctor had no findings to conclude that there was sexual intercourse between the accused and Mazuba.


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