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Secure high-value minerals, Govt told

GOVERNMENT procrastination in securing high value minerals which are being illegally exploited, is a great diservice mine expert Edward Simukonda has said.
The country, he said, had lucrative minerals such as cobalt, tin, tantalum and tungsten which were being illegally exploited.
“If really Government has a listening ear, we cannot continue losing these minerals which can change the country’s economy, he said.
Gold, Mr Simukonda said, was not the only mineral that required securing and that other precious minerals must be secured too.
“The country keeps losing millions of dollars through other high value minerals which unscrupulous people are illegally exploiting. It’s not easy to be given an ear if you are not in the system. When you talk, the words enter through one ear and goes out through the other.
“It’s very painful to see loss of Government revenue through illegal means and through foreign hands. Government must ensure that things are done in a right way so that the country can benefit from these minerals we have,” he said.
Mr Simukonda particularly pointed out that tin, tantalum, cobalt and tungsten as some of the minerals with high values being exploited by illegal miners including foreigners.
“Look at the prices of these metals on the London Metal Exchange and compare them to copper and you will understand why I keep on talking about these minerals,” he added.


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