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Stop crossing into DRC, says Shaibila

CHIEF Shaibila of Mkushi has implored subjects living in Chalata along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to stop frequenting the neighbouring country.
The traditional leader said this in the wake of the COVID 19 which was affecting the world.
In an interview, Chief Shaibila said refraining from crossing into the DRC, would reduce chances of contracting the coronavirus.
Chief Shaibila said he was concerned about the vast porous Chalata border line which people from both sides crossed without being screened, especially in this time of coronavirus pandemic.
He said there was need for people to ensure that families stayed indoors without crossing borders until when the disease was contained.
Government through the Ministry of Home affairs, he said, should dispatch police officers to Chalata to conduct inspections because of high rate of illegal influx of Congolese.

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