The essence of what Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said

WHAT did the Chitimukulu say? Who was the audience? What was the context? Was he addressing you?-the article as a summary version of its contents. Using that framework, those who have reacted negatively to what the Chitimukulu said had issues the moment they came across the following words “bemba, majority, determining who becomes President.”
It’s that simple. Deal with your passive hatred for those words was addressing his subjects. He was NOT addressing the nation of Zambia. Bemba people. Don’t expect the President of Zambia to address the interests of Namibia in his national address.
Despite being an African, the President of Zambia acts and speaks in the interest of Zambians.
So lets not be naive or petty.

  1. In his address to his subjects, the Chitimukulu bemoaned the lack of leadership in the Bemba community as no one was speaking on their behalf hence the diver-sion of funds meant for projects in Chinsali as the case was with the Luwingu road when the MMD Government used money meant for that road to fund its convention.
  2. The Mwine Lubemba did not spare the leadership of certain political parties that have been formed but lack substance hence most of them fall by the way side.
  3. He also expressed concern over those who are sponsored politically to demean their tribe for whatever reasons.
  4. On voting, he claimed since Bembas were in the majority, they have always determined who be president from the KK days. To put some emphasis, he actually said they have voted for whoever they believe in with no tribal lenses. He therefore asked them to use their numbers and put in the right leadership in place. or party to vote for. He just asked them to vote in numbers as the
    6.Lastly, he challenged his subjects to embrace values of a true Bemba i.e. frankness, aggressiveness and giving things their proper names without fear.Like Davies WA Phiri said, either you are tribal or you don’t understand Bemba if you have issues with his sentiments.

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