Invest in sports psychologists – Chitangala

A sports administrator is concerned at the lack of investment in sports psychologists in Zambia saying there was need for athletes to be counselled in the wake of inactivity due to the indefinite suspension of sports activities.
OYDC Zambia executive director Fred Chitangala said the life of all athletes revolved around the playing field and as result athletes had been affected with the closure of all facilities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Dr Chitangala said that there was need for experts and psychologists to work hand in hand with athletes so as to help them out during this COVID-19 period.
He said not only athletes that had qualified to the Olympics but all sports person in general needed help and care on how to cope up with inactivity induced by the pandemic.
He noted that majority of athletes had lost out on income during this period as all facilities had shut down and that there were no resources coming from gate takings.
Chitangala called on sports persons to devise programmes that would enable them train from home so as to avoid conditions such as obesity and depression.
“WE don’t want to have obese athletes or lose our sports men and women due to depression caused by a loss on income or anxiety of just staying home. So our athletes need to devise programmes to enable them continue training from home,’’ Chitangala said.
Unfortunately it’s of concern that we as a nation have not invested much in sports psychology because our athletes need the guidance of experts during this period.
The OYDC Zambia and many other sports facilities have for the past Month remained closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen all sports and social activities suspended.


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