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UNIP targets youths for leadership

UNIP, the oldest political party in Zambia, will recruit about 50,000 youths to take up leadership positions as Members of Parliament and councillors in the 2021 general elections.
The party national chairman, Robert Mukengami, said that the process of identifying such youths had already started.
Captain Mukengami said the party was revamping and rebranding itself ahead of the 2021 general election.
In an interview with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, Capt Mukengami said most political parties were relaying on old people to take up leadership positions, the situation UNIP would avoid.
Meanwhile, Capt Mukengami has cautioned Henry Muyoba to stop aligning himself to the former ruling, stating he and his colleagues were not UNIP members.
He said that Lieutenant-Colonel Miyoba’s call for the removal of party leader Tilyenji Kaunda and his vice president Njekwa Anamela was uncalled for.
“I want to warn Col Miyoba and his cohorts to stop aligning themselves to UNIP because they are not our members.
Lt-Col Miyoba should stop talking about UNIP assets or anything to do with the party convention.
“If Lt-Col Miyoba wants to join UNIP, let him follow the procedures by applying to the Central Committee which will then submit his application to the National Council.
As it stands, he is not a UNIP Member,” Captain Mukengami emphasised.
He explained that Lt-Col Miyoba was nowhere in the party membership register and, therefore, should desist from commenting on UNIP matters.

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