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Govt to revoke Mopani’s licence

WE shall revoke Mopani Copper Mines licence for abrogating the Mines and Mineral Act, Mines and Mineral Development Minister Richard Musukwa has warned.
The Minister has also dismissed claims by Mopani that Government owes about K400 million in Value Added Tax (VAT) refund.
Mr Musukwa said Government would not hold on to a mining firm which did not respect the laws of the land.
He said during ZNBC Sunday interview that it was mandatory for all mining houses in the country to respect the laws of Zambia.
“We cannot work with a licence holder who does not follow our laws, no. These investors know what is required when they think they have challenges with their operations.
“The mining houses are supposed to engage Government through the Director of Mines then Government will be able to give advice. These mines cannot just wake up today and say that we are closing the mine because we are not making profit.
Mr Musukwa said Government was ready to engage in genuine dialogue in order to have a good relationship with mines.
The Minister, therefore, advised Mopani to reverse its decision to place Nkana and Mufulira units under care and maintenance and follow the laws of Zambia.
Meanwhile, Mr Musukwa denied claims that Government owed Mopani huge sums of money in VAT refunds.
The Minister said instead it was Mopani which owed Government huge sums of money in unpaid taxes, according to records at Zambia Revenue Authority.

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