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‘UPND to bring back KCM’

THE UPND has denied reports that they are conniving with VEDANTA in spreading disinformation to antagonize the electorate to vote the Patriotic Front (PF) out of office with the aim of bringing back Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) .
And Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has said the United Party for National Development (UPND) was working with some mine owners to spread falsehoods against the ruling party with the hope of winning of miners.
Mr Kamba said such maneuvers would not move the ruling party because the party and government would ensure the KCM mine and workers remained in safe hands.
Among the list of lies is the suggestion that Patriotic Front (PF) had sponsored some small scale miners including Sparks who is currently detained and facing a murder charge, and that the ruling party would engage in acts of intimidation among miners.
However, United Party for National Development ( UPND ) deputy spokesperson Charles Kakoma said some disgruntled member could have issued the statement which had no blessing of the party.
He said the party leadership was not aware of it the said statement but that it was inevitable that some members could have issued the defamatory statements without the blessings of the party leadership.
“We are not aware of the statement, some people might issued that without consulting us,” he said.
The misinformation is scheme meant to stop them miners from voting for the PF so that the UPND could win the 2021 elections and bring back Vedanta and hand over KCM.
Mr Kamba said no amount of mudslinging would work because the Copperbelt knew the UPND maneuvers and were aware of the desperation of Vedanta Resources.
He said in an interview yesterday, it was totally lies for the UPND to insinuate that Sparks and other small scale miners were employees of the PF or that the party was shielding his case.
The Lusaka Province chief said the UPND should substantiate it’s claim because the ruling party would not tolerate falsehoods.
Mr Kamba said it was prudent that the opposition political party engaged in meaningful politics than spreading falsehoods.
Mr Kamba noted that the ruling party would not allow people to continue spreading falsehoods to dent its image.
He said the opposition political parties must engage in constructive politics that can help to improve the lives of Zambians.


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