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‘Use revolving funds prudently’

MARKETEERS must run empowerment funds prudently and ensure transparency so that more resources can be availed, Kwacha Member of Parliament Joe Malanji has said.
He said marketeers and the general population should not be quick to blame Government but provide leadership when given an opportunity to boost their capital base like the revolving fund.
Mr Malanji, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, was speaking in KItwe at Nkana East and Riverside markets where he released K50,000 each as revolving fund to boast their capital base
“We want to see what kind of leadership you will provide because you like blaming others. You should show me what kind of leadership you have. If you provide good leadership, then I will increase the revolving funds,” Mr Malanji said
He said it was disappointing that, in some cases, people chose to blame Government even for their own failures.
Mr Malanji said he was impressed with the performance of the revolving fund at Ipusukilo, Kwacha and Chikwepe markets but regretted that traders at Bulangililo and Kampwena markets had squander the money.
He said he had given marketeers at Ipusukilo market K150,000 and they had since grown the money to K1.4 million and have K400,000 in the bank
“It is disappointing that in most cases, people who squander opportunities are the ones who cry loudest to blame Government. As MP, I will always strive to empower people in various areas, but such opportunities must be put to good use,” Mr Malanji said
During the tour of Nkana East, Riverside and Ipusukilo markets, Mr Malanji gave out liquid soap and hand sanitisers to marketeers and cautioned them to take Covid-19 seriously
Earlier, Mr Malanji inspected the construction works of a classroom block at Riverside Extension Primary school which was earmarked for upgrade to a secondary school.
Mr Malanji has spent K830,000 on the construction of a 1 x 3 classroom block before starting the construction of a 12 x 5 classroom using his personal resources.


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