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You can pray under health guidelines, churches told

CHURCHES will be allowed to congregate with restrictions as eight new COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the country, President Edgar Lungu announced yesterday.
Bars, gyms and casinos will remain closed.
President Lungu said it was prudent that the Church congregate normally but must adhere to the measures which had been put in place by government including social distancing and mandatory masking up.
The Head of State said the Church must ensure that social distancing, hygiene and masking was adhered to as they worship.
He said during a national address yesterday that this would be the only way the spread of COVID-19 could be prevented in the country.
Mr Lungu said it was important people were the brother’s keeper in order for the pandemic to be combated
The Head of State said eight additional cases of Covid-19 had been recorded in Zambia.
Four of the cases, he said, were from the community while the other four were hospital personnel.
The cumulative number of cases in Zambia is now, 84, including three deaths, Mr Lungu said.
37 patients have recovered from the infection and 44 patients remain under isolation but all are in stable condition, except for one patient being treated for severe malaria.
President Lungu said 15 healthcare workers had so far been infected with Covid-19 while in their line of duty.
He said two had recovered while 13 were stable and remain in high spirits.
Meanwhile President Lungu said the country had received huge donations from local and international donors following the outbreak of Covid-19 and assured cooperating Partners of prudent use of these donations in accordance with the public finance management act of 2018.


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