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Kitwe Council projections in red

KITWE City Council has failed to meet its 2020 first quarter revenue target by 60 percent after only collecting K19 million out of the projected K47.7 million.
The local authority had projected to collect K47.7 in the first quarter of this year.
Town Clerk, Mbulo Seke, said that the local authority had failed to meet the target because mining companies had not paid rates since the start of the year.
He said that other reasons were that other rate payers were complaining about slow business due to the corona virus outbreak.
“We projected to raise a target of K47.7 million in the first quarter but only collected K19.6 million which is 41 percent and a variance of K28.1 million, 59 percent, some of the reasons are mining companies have not paid anything this year and the other rate payers are complaining about slow business due to Covid-19,” he said.

Mr Seke said some projects were likely to be frozen if the situation persisted.
The Town Clerk, therefore, encouraged mining companies and other rate payers to pay the local authority so that it could continue to offer services as opposed to halting projects.


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