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Marauding croc on the loose

... as 4 people injured in Itezhi Tezhi district

FOUR people in Itezhi Tezhi district are nursing serious wounds after they were attacked by a crocodile in separate incidences on the Kafue River.
The crocodile has been on rampage, attacking people for the past one month.
Itezhi Tezhi District commissioner (DC), Hendricks Kaimana, said in an interview that the leadership in the area are worried over the increase in the number of people that had been attacked by the reptile in a period of one month.
Mr Kaimana said the four victims live in the fishing camps near the Kafue River for many years because fishing was their main source of income.
The DC said all efforts to crop the reptile and ensure the safety of the people in the fishing camp had proved futile.
“We are having a challenge to crop the crocodile that has been terrorizing people on the Kafue River. We have tried to do so but have failed, four people have been attacked and have serious wounds,” Mr Kaimana said.
The DC stated fishermen and other people had continued with their activities on the river despite the human eater being on the loose, mainly because the river was their main source of survival.
He said the crocodile which had been spotted on a number of occasions during an operation, but had eluded officers from the department of National Parks and Wildlife.
Mr Kaimana has since appealed for re-enforcement to crop the crocodile before more people were attacked.


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