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Women parliamentarians to fight cyber bullying

THE caucus for women parliamentarians says it will sponsor a private members motion in Parliament that will address the cyber bullying that is on the increase in Zambia.
Caucus Chairperson Professor Nkandu Luo says Zambia needs to start putting laws in place that will deal with the issue of cyber bullying before it gets out of hand.
Professor Luo says it is regrettable that it has become fashionable for some youths to insult leaders in the name of freedom of expression particularly women.
Professor Luo has questioned the silence by the Church and some Civil Society Organisations who she said are key in curbing cyber bullying especially against women.
She said she has every reason to be upset if people enter people’s bedrooms to insult them especially women among other groupings.
Professor Luo said the Human Rights Commission has a duty to start unpacking the issue of human rights which is being abused by some sections of society.
“What is so sad is that the educated people are the ones leading the crusade of insulting , where they even insulted my spectacles. How can one insult spectacles really, what have they done to someone?” she lamented.
Professor Luo is hopeful the Ministers of Transport and Communication and Religious Affairs will support the motion to restore the dignity of Zambia in the eyes of the International Community.
She has called on other women particularly lawyers and Civil Society to support the cause to stop the rot which is affecting women and girls in the country.
“If they are insulting Nkandu Luo, they are also insulting all the women walking the streets of Zambia”, she lamented at a media briefing.
And speaking earlier, Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya said the caucus will not allow anyone to insult President Edgar Lungu.


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