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THERE will be no dialogue with Hakainde Hichilema, but he must stop the violence that his party is perpetuating, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu also direct- ed the police to arrest all law breakers, saying that “enough is enough.” 

The President said this in Lukulu yesterday after exposing a plot where the opposition had organised some Mongu residents to boo him, as the case was in Monze. 

Mr Lungu said the plan was to make the PF look violent af- ter they retaliate to the provo- cation from the opposition. 

He said since it was known 

which leaders were inciting violence, there was no need to call for dialogue but to counsel leaders involved. 

President Lungu observed that some people were pushing for him to dialogue with Mr Hichilema, the UPND leader, on the pretext that it was the only way violence would end. 

Mr Lungu however said he had managed to get the PF to refrain from violence and the UPND leader should do the same. “Before I came here, I had evidence of a plot where they were planning to boo me in Mongu and humiliate me as they had done in Monze. They are trying to get the PF to respond with violence so that they can label us being vi- olence. 

“These are the leaders who 

are inciting violence, but enough is enough the police must arrest all law breakers,” he said. 

President Lungu however advised PF members not to fall in the trap of the opposition by retaliating. 

“It takes one foolish person to destroy the country. And ask yourselves why these opposi- tion leaders don’t send their children to commit these acts of violence,” he said. 

President Lungu advised PF members to emulate his approach and to seek justice through the law when offend- ed. 

He also advised citizens who did not have National Registration Cards to get the documents to participate in next year’s elections.


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