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Judiciary opposes Kambwili’s High Court complaint


THE Judiciary has argued that the High Court is not a proper forum for Chishimba Kambwili’s lawyers to raise complaints about the challenges they are allegedly facing whilst defending him in a matter where he is facing charges of forgery among other crimes in the subordinate court.

Judiciary Chief registrar Charles Kafunda said the court cannot exercise its power to grant Kambwili leave to commence Judicial review as the latter has not exhausted all the alternative and administrative remedies before going to court.

This is in a matter where Kambwili has applied for leave to commence judicial review proceedings in the Lusaka High Court, challenging the decision by Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba to refuse to recuse himself from handling his case.

Kambwili cited the Attorney General as respondent and the Principle Resident Magistrate, David Simusamba, and stated that it has been difficult for his lawyers to perform their duties effectively as the court room is always poisoned with outbursts of anger and threats from the presiding magistrate towards him and his lawyers.


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