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POLICE in Lusaka have recovered several stolen items from five criminals who are alleged to have been involved in various criminal activities such as murder, rape, aggravated robbery and unlawful wounding in Kabangwe, SOS, Ngwerere and Kabanana areas.

Among the items recovered from the five suspects who targeted mostly women are mobile phones, clothes, hand bags, travelling bags and instruments used to hack victims.

Police public relations officer, Esther Katongo has called on the public who could have been victims of attacks to go to  Emmasdale Police Station to help identify the recovered items and suspects.

She said in a statement that some of the properties had been identified by owners, while others have not yet been identified. 

“As announced by the Minister of Home Affairs,  police have in detention five suspects in connection with various crimes committed in Kabangwe, SOS, Ngwerere and Kabanana of Lusaka ranging from murder, aggravated Robbery, Rape and Unlawful wounding,” she said.

She said victims involved mostly women travelling from Lusaka to unknown destinations hiking motor vehicles from SOS area and who later ended up being attacked. 

Ms Katongo said others were being trailed after disembarking from public transport and then attacked. 

She said all those attacks happened during early and late hours of the day between October, 2019 and July 5, 2020 in Lusaka.


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