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THERE is need for a complete overhaul at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) be- cause people have lost con- fidence in the institution, a youth activist Twaambo Mutinta has said.

And more people have called for the disbanding of the anti-corruption watchdog but that all investigations should continue including a probe of opposition leaders’ involve- ment in shady deals instead of focusing on people from Lua- pula only.

Meanwhile, Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services (GEARS) Executive Director Mcdonald Chipenzi said the current happenings at ACC clearly showed that there was disorder which needed to be addressed immediately.

Mr Mutinta said the country should not have an anticorruption body that contradicts itself.

He said in an interview yesterday that people should pass a vote of no-confidence because the ACC had proven to be weak and could not manage issues of national interest.

Mr Mutinta said the ACC only wanted to show that it was active when dealing with mat- ters that involved poor people which was very unfortunate.

“Some of us we are beginning to question the impartiality of the Anti-Corruption Commis- sion because it is showing us that it is incompetent,” he said.

Recently the ACC suspend- ed investigations officer Chi- pampe Manda who exonerated Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya by going against its posi- tion in a matter where the lat- ter is facing corruption-related charges.

ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono, said Mr Manda had been suspended from duty pending a disci- plinary hearing for bringing the institution’s name into ridicule.

“Yes, I can confirm that he has been suspended on ac- count that the evidence he gave in court was contrary to the ACC’s position. He has been suspended pending a disci- plinary hearing,” Mr Moono said.

But Mr Mutinta said what Mr Manda said was the position of the ACC but that the institution wanted to protect itself from the attacks.

Meanwhile, Mr Chipenzi in a separate interview yesterday said whatever was happening was clear that there was con- fusion in the operations of the ACC.

He said ACC could not dis- tance itself from the testimony which the officer gave in court.

Mr Chipenzi said there was disorganisation at the ACC and seemed like there was no one who was incharge.


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